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50th Anniversary Celebration Shoot

I'm always honoured to capture special moments for my clients & shooting an extended family session to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary, was no exception. I actually had two of these shoots last year & just booked another for 2019! The fact that marriages still last this long gives me so much hope for myself & all the beautiful couples I photograph.

The Engeland & Dworak family met me at Erindale Park early in the morning on a super bright & HOT July day last year. With summer light, it's pretty tricky taking portraits throughout those midday hours, so I always ask my clients to meet me either early in the morning or later in the evening in order to get those softer rays.

The summery light was perfect & so the family portraits were accompanied by that beautiful morning glow! Tamara & Amy warned me ahead of time that their parents were definitely not of the photogenic sort, but we worked through that and luckily through some love & laughter, we got tons of sweet frames.

Engeland & Dworak Family, Extended Family Session, July 2018, Mississauga ON

If you can't tell, I am VERY partial to mother & daughter photos. Even if you're not necessarily a snuggly family -- I WILL tell you to close all the gaps to make that super special image. These three obliged me by sitting in mosquito ridden long grasses & I'm so glad they did. Probably some of my favourite photos from that morning.

Celebrating 50 Years!

Dworak Family, Extended Family Session, July 2018, Mississauga ON

Amy & Tamara, Extended Family Session, July 2018, Mississauga ON

There is something so simple & beautiful about this frame. I know it's showing the back of Tamara's head, lol - but, the small movement of her locks, the wide open aperture and the locked hands of these two sisters totally gets me in the heart. Not to be mushy BUT it belongs in a frame.

Hint Hint... lol.

Almost a year later, I'm hoping that lots of these images now grace the walls of the family home.

With summer 'hopefully' around the corner, I'm ready to get outside with more families and document those beautiful memories and important life moments.

Cheers to 50 years!

- amy xo

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