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All The Blossoms...

Although I miss my hometown A LOT, I'm very grateful to be living in a smallish town (city?) where the people I meet always refer me to their friends, and voila -- a beautiful circle is formed. Over the past few years, I've gotten so many clients from just a couple people that I've met & who obviously loved my work 'thank goodness', lol. It's such a great feeling when your little biz spreads through word of mouth. Warm fuzzies.

Susie & Mike are one of those couples that found me through another one of my Milton clients. I LOVE photographing them; they're natural, easy to pose and also seriously beautiful people inside and out. Needless to say, I was pretty pumped when they said they were looking to do their Maternity Session in the spring cherry blossoms. Blossom season only lasts a few days, especially with our crazy Canadian springs being so volatile sometimes - so, we rescheduled this session 3 times I think! Gah! It was worth it though, because those fluffy pink blooms were out in full force on this early May evening.

Of course we added in one of my floral crowns, because -- pretty.

Susie, Maternity Session, May 2018, Toronto ON

Susie & Mike, Maternity Session, May 2018, Toronto ON

We found this little pocket of blossoms where Susie & Mike could be surrounded. You'd never know that there was a huge garbage bin right outside the frame of this photo. Ha!

Baby girl Isla was born shortly after these images & she's just as gorgeous as her parents.

Looking through these images gets me so excited for the next few weeks. Although it's pretty stressful watching and rescheduling sessions because the bloom isn't perfect, I know it will always be worth it. Looking to use a couple new locations this year, but also a couple favourites including this one in Toronto. Message me to grab one of my last spots -- and be flexible!

Yay to Spring!

- amy xo

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