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All The Lavender...

So, it's a beautiful day today & I'm pumped for this week of photo sessions - that is, if they don't get rained out. We've definitely been tip toeing around spring this year & with the blossoms showing up this week, I have serious expectations and goals with getting out there with my camera for Engagements & Mom and Me sessions.

This session I'm blogging now, wasn't intended to be a Mother/Son session, but when he's feeling especially needy & you're in such beautiful surroundings - things like this tend to happen, lol.

Rachel & I drove to Weir's Lane on a sunny morning to shoot some portraits for her fashion & lifestyle blog. Her youngest, Owen, came along for feedings etc, & it was serendipitous that he did, as we got some pretty precious memories for framing.

Weir's Lane Lavender & Apiary, July 2018, Dundas ON

As I stated in a previous post, it's so unfortunate that this lavender farm is no longer operational. As summer approaches, I'm become even more bummed about it. Trying out a new field of purple this year, so if you're looking for location perfection, send me a quick message!

Rachel & Owen, Fashion Series, July 2018, Dundas ON

Look at those chubby little knees!

Rachel wore a simple white tee & jean outfit, accompanied by an adorable little tote & pretty hat. Perfect summer outfit to go to a lavender farm with your little guy!

We always start out these sessions with about 5-10 images in mind, yet it always turns into 60. (shrug) I'm all about making the most of pretty situations & I'm positive you can't blame me for that while looking through these summery frames.

I could spend hours in a lavender field. Shooting people (haha - photog joke), writing ideas & just being grateful for the beauty of nature. I can't wait to scout out my new lavender farm location that I'll be using this year.

Cheers to beautiful places.

- amy xo

Location: Weir's Lane, For 'A Noble Home' Blog -

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