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All The Sunflowers

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

The bit of warmth & sunshine we're experiencing today, has me really dreaming of summer and all the magic that will soon happen. If you follow me, you're very well aware of the fact that I gravitate towards fields of different flower varieties, lol. Lilacs, lavender... AND SUNFLOWERS, just to name a few!

I've always wanted to stroll through an actual sunflower farm. I'm not talking about 50 plants, but a million of these 6 ft tall beauties. I'm not exaggerating when I say 'millions' & that's just what I found at Bogle Seeds in Flamborough ON. If you were on social media, or watched the news at all last summer, you may have heard of this beautiful spot -- but potentially because of some craziness that happened there. This lovely family farm was overrun. Overrun by disrespectful and entitled people that decided their instagram feed was more important than the Bogle Family's generosity and livelihood. People trespassed & plants were trampled. It's so unbelievably sad, as it's doubtful this farm will open up to the public again & you certainly can't blame them!

Luckily, Rachel & I went to the farm on a Tuesday morning right after they had opened & before all the buzz. We had met up a few times over the summer with a mutual love of both florals & photos - and so we were adventuring that morning to grab some images for Rachel's Fashion & Lifestyle blog ~ A Noble Home. Dressed in the perfect summer dress for a sunny day in sunflower heaven, we walked the paths between the fields & took advantage of the most perfect July morning.

Rachel is a mom of 3 - Everett, Ainsley and little Owen. That particular morning, she had the two youngest in tow & so it was only natural that they were included in a few frames as well, which resulted in a few of my favourite summery images to date.

Bogle Seeds, July 2018, Flamborough ON

Rachel, Fashion Series for 'A Noble Home', July 2018, Flamborough ON

The jean jacket Rachel wore over her dress for part of the morning, was totally perfect surrounded by all that yellow!

Rachel & Ainsley, Fashion Series for 'A Noble Home', July 2018, Flamborough ON

This might be one of my favourite images I've taken. It's not a bride & groom, it's not someone in a ballgown -- it's just one of those frames that reminds me of why I love my job. Ainsley was a bit shy at first with the camera, but you could tell that this moment was so much fun for her. Mom's best friend.

Also - those yellow rain boots?!? Perfection.

Owen came out to investigate the blooms right at the end of our session. I love seeing the fascination that babies have with nature & obviously took advantage to snap a few shots of them interacting on the path.

I can't wait to share a couple of the other sessions I had with this beauty last year. In addition to her lifestyle blog, she also owns the adorable company 'Little Nobles', where all your little girl bow dreams can come true! Check her store out on Etsy & Instagram at both @littlenobles & @anoblehome !

No sunflowers were harmed in the making of these images. One was already on the ground!

I'll be announcing my Mother's Day Promo over the course of the first week of April & I'm looking forward to all the sweet little moments of 2019!

- amy xo

Rachel's Dress: H&M Canada, Ainsley's Dress: Winners

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