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An Hour at Oft Studio

It seems like forever ago that we were able to come together for cute photo sessions. My heart is hurting to get back into the capturing of all your little (and big) moments. The itch is getting so bad that I plan on doing some self portraits this week, which I NEVER do. Things are getting desperate, but I'm gonna keep on keeping on & doing my part to lessen this virus spread as much as possible.

^ and so... I blog.

My new friend Amariah invited me to join her at Oft Studio in Burlington to have some random fun photographing the cutest of couples - Shonah & Gavin. Fun Fact : I spent the first 20 mins of this shoot calling Gavin 'Kevin' AND NOBODY CORRECTED ME! That's how nice they are... lol.

This session is also a tad bittersweet, as this studio is now closed forever. I'm so thankful to have been able to get in there at least once. Plant covered walls, funky couches & swings. Yes.


Shonah & Gavin, Couples Session, March 2020, Burlington ON

Shonah, Couples Session, March 2020, Burlington ON

Gavin, Couples Session, March 2020, Burlington ON

Thought I'd provide a little bit of a BTS view as well. It's fun to shoot alongside another photographer, getting different angles etc - AND sometimes you photograph husbands holding plants to shoot through. LOL... Great job Liam!

Shown here: Amariah, from Little Twigs Photography, husband Liam, Shonah & Gavin.

During this time of isolation, I'm so grateful to have made friends in my industry who continue to support me, my ideas & shared work. It's when you have so much time to yourself that you realize that these relationships are very important AND when all of this is over, I'll be attending as many meetups etc as possible to further nurture these photog friendships.

Cheers to community over competition & shared goals/passions.

- amy xo

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