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Anniversary Session at Guild Park

I was doing so so well with blogging sessions, but I took a little break in order to update the imagery on my site and start preparing my business for reopening. Who knows when the Ontario Government will allow that... but that's not something I'm going to linger on today, my friends.

Let's talk about Rovita & Surendra. I'm happy to say that there are people out there in the world that appreciate photos as much as I do! LOL.. They make it a point every year to do a photoshoot and the last couple years I've had the pleasure of being the girl with the camera for them. Last year they celebrated 5 years of marriage & so obviously we had to make 2019's images extra special. This session at Guild Park, was actually the second time we had gotten out for photos & I'm super glad we did. This place is a dream. A secret garden, of sorts, where beautiful architecture goes to rest out its days. At times it felt like we were wandering around ancient Greece, in TORONTO!

I've decided to blog this session today, as I learned recently that these two became parents during quarantine for the virus! What?!? They're so sneaky & kept the whole thing a secret until Mother's Day, of all days. The sad fact though, is because of COVID they couldn't have maternity or newborn images done. We won't wallow in that, but instead celebrate them by sharing this shoot today! Two of the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of photographing & their love is undeniable.

Rovita & Surendra, Anniversary Session, July 2019, Toronto ON

Rovita, Anniversary Session, July 2019, Toronto ON

Rovita's ZARA dress! I had so many people inquire about it when I first posted images from this session. It was literally the most perfect dress for an Anniversary Session, but would also be amazing for a small wedding, elopement etc. Really, just buy the pretty dresses please people!

Thank you, from your appreciative neighbourhood photographer lady!

Girrrrllllllllllll. HOLY smoke show!

Surendra, Anniversary Session, July 2019, Toronto ON

Rovita & Surendra, Anniversary Session, July 2019, Toronto ON

We ended just as that summery golden light crested the columns and bathed them in all that prettiness. My fave light of summer.

Cheers to these two! I'll be re-living all these moments until I can get back out there. There's a petition going around to try and inform the Ontario Gov, that us photogs can actually be working now with all precautions in place. Easy Peasy, let us work!

Until then,

amy xo

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