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Back to the Bluffs...

Well, this blog posting is far overdue... but like everything this year -- all in good time. Bahahahaha. Here we are, back into a 'stay at home' order by the Ontario Government, watching other countries open back up & seeing others travelling etc. Has me feeling things. BUT - I refuse to sink into a sadness and I'm filling my days with whatever happiness I can -- including sharing previously shoots, such as Stacey and Brian's engagement session at the Scarborough Bluffs. (I'm two glasses of wine in already, so this may be interesting... ha.)

In true Amy fashion, I took far too many images for this shoot, but getting up so early in the morning, I figured these two deserved it. LOL. It was just after 6am and it was already steamy and quite bright, so I think all things considered, we made the right decision getting up before the sun and arriving to this popular location before too many others.

It's crazy, but my style has already changed a tad since July, ALSO these two are recently married as well, but it doesn't make me love these images any less and they deserve to be shared in their entirety. So, get ready for a shit ton of prettiness....

Stacey & Brian, Engagement Session, Toronto ON, July 2020

It's a shame that this location gets so crazy during the summer months, as it's definitely a favourite. Evenings are definitely 'better' for light, as the sun sets behind the cliffs, but it's sometimes so peaceful in the early mornings, that you can have the beach to yourself. Although I am NOT a morning person in any aspect, I appreciate the peacefulness, that's for sure.

The sun rising with the reflection on the still water, is literally a dream. Add in these two lovebirds, and this photog lady is basically in heaven.

These two have been in front of my lens quite a few times over the past couple years, starting with a FREEZING cold maternity session. This engagement session was legit the exact opposite, as this July morning was intense in temperatures. Let me tell you though, I am craving these hot 'love filled' days like no tomorrow. My heart is literally leaping at the possibilities of this summer...

Think back to July of 2020. We had just literally opened up after the initial pandemic lockdown... things were pretty hopeful at that point. We were masking it up and feeling like mayyyyyybe the worst was behind us. Wow, were we wrong, but at this point, I actually remember thinking that these two would have no issues with the planning of their April 2021 wedding day. Things obviously escalated throughout the fall and winter months, and into the New Year there was new lockdowns, new risks, etc etc. But, this particular morning at the beach, was still perfection.

It kinda makes you wanna just take in all the little moments, right?! Cause you just never know when those will happen again these days. (buuuuuuut I'm still so hopeful...)

Not seen here: my friend Amariah was with me, from Little Twig Photography -- and we were sweating our faces off, wearing a mask in 35+ degree heat. Cause, those are the times.

The whole time while shooting, I was thinking to myself -- soooooooo, when we're done here, I'm definitely going to be asking Stacey where she got this dress. Being a fellow blondie, I figured it would look just as good on me. HA. No. I kinda forget about the many inches of height difference between us. Some alterations are in order this summer...

Stacey & Brian, Engagement Session, July 2020, Toronto ON

The sun was starting to get pretty bright by this point, even though it was really just after 7am. So, we moved a tad closer to the bluffs and used some of the greenery around the beach for some shade. The next 50 or so frames are probably my favourite.... I think these images have such a pretty filmy look which I always appreciate and sometimes strive for.

... also. Bubbly @ 7am. No orange juice included. lol.

Stacey, Engagement Session, July 2020, Toronto ON
Brian, Engagement Session, July 2020, Toronto ON

Ok, I was pretty pumped when Stacey said that they would be up for anything. Cause... that is music to my ears lol. So, into the lake they went - clothing & all. Yipppeeeeee.....

Ok --- so I am still so obsessed with these. Ugh.

Phew. I hope you all love these images as much as me. Stacey & Brian are truly a dream to have in front of my camera; always game for ideas, not afraid to get a bit dirty, a few ant bites here and there, freezing or sweating and having lots of laughs in the meantime. I'm grateful for clients and friends like them. xo

Dress: Suzy Shier

Seconded by: Little Twig Photography

Location: Scarborough Bluffs

Love you long time,

- amy xo

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