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Backyard Flower Crowns & Wine Workshops!

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Since that very first floral crown that I made for my own anniversary photo session in 2013, I was hooked & I've loved making them ever since! To be honest, there's not much to it -- but it is pretty daunting the first time, surrounded by all those wires & stems.

I often make them in addition to my photo sessions, primarily for maternity or mother & daughter shoots. They're definitely on the girlie side of things, so what better way to spend a warm afternoon, than with some friends, drinking a glass or two of wine & learning to make something pretty?!?

Crowns by Amy, May 2018, Milton ON

I provide all the tools, florals, wine/snacks & instruction -- you can bring your friends!

I'm hoping to arrange some workshops in both Milton & Kingston once the temperatures go up, likely in May before my schedule gets crazy! If you're interested in a specific date, please contact me via email or facebook to arrange! Otherwise, watch my posts!


fb. @ Amy Sue Brant - Portrait Artistry

Let's make pretty things!

- amy xo

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