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Bridal Session @ Mint Room

Here's the big question I ask my brides. Why 'not' get back into that beautiful dress again after the wedding?!? Why not have more fun in the prettiest dress you'll likely ever own... ? Whether it be for a Trash the Dress session (we don't actually ruin the dress) or just for extra bridal portraits, I'm a huge believer in not boxing that beauty up right away!

Lesia's gown was the epitome of perfection. A ball gown that was meant for twirling in. I haven't blogged the October Wedding Day as of yet (but will soon!), but this bridal session at Mint Room Studios is so lovely that I just couldn't wait to get the posting up.

The 'Lounge' at Mint Room has the dreamiest of afternoon light & this March day was no exception. We had a blast using all the awesome furniture pieces and grabbing all the pretty natural light possible.

Lesia, Bridal Session, March 2019, Toronto ON

Lesia is a classic beauty & her classic taste in bridal gown leant itself so well to this space. She's also such a natural in front of the lens, no matter what she says! We had a ton of laughs & maybe a little bubbly, but as soon as the camera pointed her way, she was completely on point.

I'm not quite sure if there's anything better than a classic bridal portrait. It's definitely one of my favourite times during a wedding day & it's soooooo important to have a bright and airy 'getting ready' space for bride & bridesmaids. Bad lighting can force the portraits outside, or force flash photography which definitely takes away from the dreaminess of all the natural light. Also - keeping the time available for these not to be rushed is totally key. They should be a relaxed portion of the day, where the bride has the opportunity to breathe during her first moments in her gown.

I love that there are studio spaces out there for use for shoots like these, or during the winter months when it's not always ideal to be outdoors. Mint Room has a variety of rooms with different looks & each one is beautiful in their own right. I hope to use each and every one in the future.

Every bride should do this. lol... Just sayin'!

- amy xo

Lesia's Gown: David's Bridal

Hair & Make-up: Justyna Mroz Hair Artist

Venue: Mint Room Studios

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