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Cottage, Canoe & Cuties

Well, here we are. Another lockdown, another blog post. Sorry about the 8 months in between, lol, but things are (and continue to be) a little bit overwhelming over here. Wow, what a crazy year 2020 was folks... heartbreaking, lonely & beyond stressful. Even my photographic style has evolved since my last post & I'm getting hives just thinking about the updating images on my website *again*, but such is life in photog land. I'm actually so excited with the turn my editing took when I purchased my new mirrorless camera & I hope it's well received. (Anyone wanna buy a DSLR? lol)

It's been so long since I opened this up to blog, so I'm a tadddd rusty. But, my eyes needed some rest from editing today and I figured I should dust off my writing skills and share this sweet Anniversary Sesh from early October. While editing it, I just kept repeating the same thing over & over in mind -- I NEED MORE OF THIS IN MY LIFE & more specifically in my work calendar. It's sessions like this that inspire me and give me that fuel to keep being creative. I'm also a fan of cottage getaways in general. (hint hint)

Enter these two lovebirds. Amariah & Liam invited me north to Lake Rosseau to Liam's family cottage for a few days of wine, scenic views & LOTS of photos. Maybe got carried away, (2000 frames later), but I knew it was gonna be magic. So, I just snappity snapped away...

Amariah & Liam, Anniversary Session, Muskoka ON

Add a gorgeous fall inspired bouquet by Lace and Birch, some wine in cute mule mugs and the most well behaved of puppies' on the planet & you have the makings of a winner photoshoot people!!! Take notes... lol.

Bouquet by Lace and Birch, Carlisle ON
Amariah, Anniversary Session, Rosseau ON

You wouldn't know it by their outfits, but it was actually quite a chilly October afternoon. I was nicely cozy in my cottage gear, while these two were absolute champs freezing their buns off on the dock. I didn't hear a complaint, so I didn't stop shooting until we lost all the light.

Snickers, the family puppers, obviously stole the show whenever possible. She was a complete camera snob & I was pretty pumped about it.

Bouquet by Lace and Birch, Carlisle ON

This bouquet blew my mind. There's a friggin' cabbage in it. Like, huh?!? Jill, from Lace and Birch is a serious floral artist & being a flower lover myself, I was totally swooning when I picked up this one as a surprise. Talk about fall fabulous... sheesh!

It was that burst of colour that was needed to bring this overcast day to life. It also matched the red canoe we used, which didn't go unnoticed by me. LOL.

Liam & Snickers, Anniversary Session, Rosseau ON

Stop your scroll & just take in the next series of images. Please also convince your significant other (maybe right now) you also need photos like these. Pretty please. I'm waiting for your call. LOL.

Obviously I'm having a hard time narrowing down which of these images to post, but I love telling a story with my sessions SO MUCH, that sometimes I feel like if I leave out certain frames, the flow & natural progression of the session isn't there. I love taking the time to stop and take detail shots as well -- they may not end up on people's walls, but they definitely fill in the 'romantic blanks', if you get my gist. Or, just trust me... lol.

If you haven't yet had enough of these two, there's actually a whole other shoot to share soon! We decided that while we were in the paradise of cottage country, a short morning session the next day was also in order. heh heh heh. (I can be very persuasive)

I'll end this blog post with a few 'sweet' frames.

Then we had ravioli & my life was complete. <3

If this is your idea of the perfect addition to your getaway, please reach out immediately, cause I'M IN!!!! If that wasn't already clear.

Until then,

- amy xo

Location: Rosseau ON

Florals: Lace and Birch

Dress: Vance and co.

Hat: RW & Co.

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