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Distillery District Darlings

Since I'm going to be announcing my annual Mother's Day Promo a tad early this year, I thought I'd get going on blogging a few related sessions from last year!

This one of April & Lily from October in the Distillery District is a definite fave. For those looking for a unique setting for some sweet portraits - the exposed brick and little alleyways do the trick! (that wasn't intentionally supposed to rhyme, but hey.. I'll take it) There is a permit cost for inside the gates, but there are still lots of cute little spots on the outskirts that are serious gems.

Get ready for some over sharing! LOL...

April & Lily, Mother/Daughter Session, Oct 2019, Toronto ON

If you've been following along with me for awhile, you're likely well aware that pretty eyes are basically my favourite of all time to photograph. These two lovely ladies have some gorgeous ones!!

April & Lily, Mother & Daughter Session, Oct 2019, Toronto ON

Definitely one of my favourite frames of the session above. Holy smokes April !!!

Lily, Mother & Daughter Session, Oct 2019, Toronto ON

April is a talented photographer as well, so it wasn't a surprise when Lily was a complete natural in front of the camera. Totally used to taking direction from mom!!

Just hanging out in a random Toronto alleyway. NBD.

April, Mother & Daughter Session, Oct 2019, Toronto ON

I've gotten a lot of feedback from my blog lately & it seems like everyone wants to see more! That makes me so so humbled & happy. It is my mission to get everything UTD on my website and continue to share all my beautiful client sessions while I try to stay current in editing too. It's a large task, but I'm up for it !! That being said, I'm already behind on my editing and it's only March. LOL.. but I'm working on it. That's what matters!

When I took the above photo, I thought for sure it was too sunny and I would hate the outcome in post processing... BUT - turns out it's also a favourite. Sometimes you just gotta take a chance with a particular shot, I guess! Photography rule number one -- just take the photo.

I hope Nana doesn't mind that I included this one. I couldn't resist a few generation photos at the end of the session. The light was too good to pass up and it's not often you get the chance for this type of special image.

I'm going to be posting about my 'Mother's Day' Promo in the next few days, so stay tuned to both my Facebook and Instagram!

- amy xo

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