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Dundurn Castle Family Session

Since I did my first full blog post yesterday & it wasn't as daunting as I thought it was going to be - I decided to dive right into another one! It's one of my favourites from 2018 AND also shot at one of my new favourite locations. Because - castles?!

I mean, I've been to Scotland and have visited many a castle, so Hamilton's Dundurn Castle is more like a beautiful estate house in my eyes. I try not to compare, lol, but either way, all the light airy walls & columns are seriously perfect for portraiture. If anyone wants to fly me to the UK though for a shoot - I. AM. IN. (no joke, I know some beauty spots, take me away with you!)

Enter the beautiful Caetano family.

Caetano Family, Oct 2018, Dundurn Castle, Hamilton ON

We met on the castle grounds on probably the most temperate and perfect day of October. I had just gotten back from Mexico, rested & feeling inspired. This family of 4 was a joy to photograph & after about 10 minutes with them, I knew that it was going to be a favourite. Also - I'm kind of a sucker for little girls with bows in their hair. So, there's that...

Livia & Melia, Family Session, Oct 2018, Hamilton ON

These two little girls were the definition of sweet. Little Livia was constantly looking to her big sister with how to pose & would mimic her movements. I pretty much had a huge smile on my face the whole time! They took every direction I gave them & made it look far more adorable than humanly possible.

Cindy, Family Session, Oct 2018, Hamilton ON

Kostas, Family Session, Oct 2018, Hamilton ON

It's always important for me to grab some shots of 'Mom & Dad' during sessions like this. It also gives the little ones time to play, run off some energy or have a snack - & be ready for more photos afterwards. Cindy & Kostas are total naturals in front of the lens, so it's no wonder that their kiddos are too!

Dundurn Castle definitely has a romantic feel. So, you can't blame me if I tend to bring you back to your engagement shoot days and ask you to get cozy & lovey dovey. Sorry not sorry.

Cindy & Kostas, Family Session, Oct 2018, Hamilton ON

Dying over these images of father & daughters. Omgeeeeeeeeeee.....

Whew! So glad I have this blog thing down now! I have so many things to share & it's just going to keep piling up if I don't get to it...

Stay tuned for more very soon!

- amy xo

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