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Flower Crowns & Castles

Happy Mondayyyyyyyy...! Here I go again, trying my damndest to try and brighten up your days during this isolation. I'm trying so hard to stay motivated with getting things done here and there, and staying inspired. It's HARD. Sometimes, my natural instinct is to curl up in a ball till it all blows over... but in this situation, I need to stay present and make the most of it. I believe wholeheartedly that I would regret it if I didn't. So, I have lists with things to get done around the house, with my business etc and I'm hoping that once we're free to wander again, I'll feel an added sense of accomplishment and clarity. That being said, I also think it's completely fair to have days where you do absolutely nothing and drink lots of wine. It's called balance, my friends.

From my 2019 vaults, I chose this adorable session of Tara, Maddy & Abby, from a sunny August day at Dundurn Castle in Hamilton. I've shared quite a few sessions at the castle and the reason is quite simple. It's the BEST. There's always pretty light and so many sweet little spots to set up at.

Even with the prettiest locations though, different challenges will arise. In Tara's words, the attitude of a 'fournager'. Maddy had just woken up upon getting to the castle and was just not in the mood for photos, even with the prettiest of flower crowns that I had made especially for her, mom and baby sister. As a photographer, you gotta just roll with the punches and make the most of any situation.... and so Tara, Abby & I got to work on making Maddy jealous on the cute memories she was missing out on. Eventually it worked, but not before the sun started to set. All the while as well, the Dundurn goose population was causing a bit of anxiety.

If these images don't make you smile, I'm not sure what will...

Tara & Abby, Mother & Daughter Session, Aug 2019, Hamilton ON

I always take time for photos of just mom. It also tends to line up with when the little ones need a bit of a break or snack. Tara is a beauty & a total natural in front of the camera, so I was absolutely looking forward to pointing my lens just at her.

This is about the time when we start to see little glimpses of Maddy, in & out of the frame. LOL.. She was definitely interested in getting some attention too!

There was still some hesitance, but finally the little model came out. I absolutely adore the few images we were able to get before the sun set completely. Before that happened though, my favourite shot of the session happened. This image below exactly encapsulates this 'fournager' phase, I think! Such a sad & pouty little pixie princess.

Frame this one, Tara!! LOL...

and finally -- an image with all three of these beauties.

Although I had so many plans for this shoot, packed full of sweet poses with siblings etc, you really can't plan on the cooperation of the younger generation. I've learned to fully embrace the 'realistic images' as well. Sometimes there is just no bribery in the world that will change the mind of a fournager. Words to live by. LOL..

I'll leave you on that note.

- amy xo

Flower Crowns: Me

Florals from: Karen's Flower Shop, Milton

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