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Happy Love Month

Well, as the last week and a half has reminded us - we're right in the thick of it. Winter. I can definitely see the beauty in the season - the magic of the holidays, the lovely wintery light. The reality though, is that we want to hide from the piles of snow to shovel & hibernate in our cozy caves.

February is a great time to do just that. With Valentine's Day coming, let's take some pretty boudoir images for the love in your life -- OR, just for you! It also seems like a fitting time to book a sweet little lovey indoor session for the two of you.

For the full month of February 2019, you can book a Boudoir Session or Indoor Couples Session at $300, which is $75 off my regular pricing. You can book ahead for anytime during the year to come.

Brittny, Boudoir Session, July 2018, Sydenham ON

So, let's do something about shaking off the winter blahs by snuggling under a blanket together or peeling off some layers. With some bubbly, perhaps?!

- amy xo

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