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Happy Mother's Day!

Photographing moms & their kids, is literally one of the biggest joys of my job. Obviously family sessions are important, but when I get mama's with their babies, at any age - the pure and priceless love comes to the surface so easily.

Today is Mother's Day. Although I'm a mom to some sweet furry babies and not to human childrenssss, I wanted to do a little post to honour all the moms out there - Mothers, step-mothers, mom's of furry kids, foster moms, those wishing to be mom's & those who have lost children.

I see you.

It breaks my heart so much to not be able to get out there and capture all those crazy adorable and special moments for you right now. All the maternity & newborn shoots I'm missing right now are breaking this artist's heart. Just know that I want to be there, will be there when I can.. and to just spend your time right now counting those precious blessings. The time will come when we can celebrate together again.

This 2019 session with Dana & Arden was actually gifted as part of last year's 'Mother's Day Promo'. It also just happened to coincide with Dana's 50th year and Arden going off to university. What better way to celebrate these milestones, than with photo memories?!

Dana & Arden, Mom & Me Session, August 2019, Hamilton ON

Arden, Mom & Me Session, Aug 2019, Hamilton ON

Dana, Mom & Me Session, Aug 2019, Hamilton ON

No matter your age, I urge you to book a session like this with your wonderful mom. Even if she doesn't like being in front of the camera, like my own, these are images that will be cherished forever. Make her feel special and make it just the two of you... or perhaps with you & your siblings. Nobody ever regrets making & preserving memories.

So, although a strange Mother's Day this year -- don't forget to reach out, make them feel as special as they are, stay safe & give them what they really want. The day is still young & if you're still thinking about a gift, I have gift certificates available for pick up in Milton -- or I can put together an online GC as well.

OR -- tell me you're interested & get on my list to get this special pricing. Just till the end of today, no exceptions. For anytime use after restrictions are lifted. If you haven't seen the details, send me a quick message!

Enjoy your special day, MOM's!

- amy xo

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