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Isle of Skye November Elopement

All the feelings.

I know there are a lot of people out there that think it's super selfish to be thinking about a trip that was supposed to happen, amidst all the suffering of this virus. Fact is, I can't help but be heartbroken about it and I'm not afraid to say so. I'm well aware of the fact that it's a small drop in the hat compared to those losing loved ones. I'm not an idiot & I have a huge heart. I'm crazy empathetic and so I'm feeling things for everyone else VERY intensely. I do NOT take the fact that I'm safe at home for granted.

Due to the fact that my entire being is anxiety ridden right now, wondering whether this business I've been trying to build is going to fail in the next few months... etc etc etc, I've decided to focus on the positives. I'm getting a shit ton of work done. All that backlog of editing I was putting off as it wasn't a priority over client work, is actually getting edited. I also have huge plans to organize my studio and an enormous list of things that will hopefully fill the time in isolation. Then hopefully when this is over, I'll feel like I'm ready to tackle life & business with a clear frame of mind.

Our flight was supposed to leave TODAY. Paris bound from Toronto - then to The Hague & Edinburgh, for lots of photographic and wandering adventures with one of my best friends, Amanda. So, I've decided that it was the perfect day indeed to share this flippin' gorgeous Scottish Elopement from November on Isle of Skye.

Tilly & Iain, Elopement, Isle of Skye, Scotland UK

I was ridiculously lucky to have been apart of the November 2019 RAW and REAL Workshop with some crazy talented photographers both hosting & attending. Two epic styled elopement shoots over a weekend in my most favourite place on earth, surrounded by stunning landscapes and alllllllll the sheep and coos.

This shoot with Tilly & Iain was actually Day II & it was the most perfect day that Scotland could provide. Between the sunshine, the views at Neist Point & Tilly's 'Daci Gown', I was pretty much in photographer heaven & could have died right there. Happy as my cute Sorels in sheep poop. I'm literally tearing up just thinking about this day, the friends I made on this trip & how lucky I am to be in this dream job. Hopefully I get to continue doing it...

I had been to Neist Point in 2017 on my very first trip to Scotland and even though this was my fourth trip to this magical country... I was still awe struck by the beauty of Skye. The single lane road to the edge of the world, surrounded by fluffy sheep on all sides. So so thankful we didn't meet a lot of cars on our way & happy we didn't pop a tire. Adventure at it's finest in my books.

The 'Skye Boat Song' from Outlander, replaying in my mind the whole time. LOL...

I'm going to try to narrow down which images to post... but honestly, I'd be happy to share them allllllllll. Tilly & Iain were a dream to have in front of my camera. Iain is a Scottish gentleman, but Tilly is actually Swedish and moved to Scotland not too long ago. Her fiery hair and tattoos made this elopement ever more perfect in my eyes.

Tilly, Elopement, November 2019, Isle of Skye Scotland UK

Although gorgeous, this gown caused Tilly and Iain a lil' bit of trouble. Considering the windy elements in the Highlands, the train would wrap around their legs often during the shoot & although so lovely when caught by the breeze through a viewfinder, we all definitely felt their pain as we were constantly unraveling the material so they could move. LOL...

Direct sunlight??! I'm not afraid.

Well, maybe a little, but I'm so proud with how I dealt with a situation I usually avoid -- and I LOVE these images. The fact is, that during an elopement such as this - you could pretty much encounter every sort of lighting situation so this was an amazing test & next time I won't panic if there is no shade in sight.

Speaking of elopements... It's my ultimate hope that more couples will look at this amazing alternative to the big wedding. Especially in today's world with environmental struggles, elopements are a great way to cut down on waste, as well as costs. When couples start to realize that they can make their day just about them & not worry about backlash, it's my bet that more will look back on their wedding days with no regrets and a feeling like they made the absolute most of their 'I Do's'.

That's not to say you can't elope with a few family & friends. A small group of people on a cliffside or next to a waterfall? Sounds pretty idyllic. THERE ARE NO RULES!

That being said, I completely adore my couples and all weddings in general, don't get me wrong. But sticking to smaller events & sweet elopements is my absolute END GAME priority! The more space in the timeline for amazing photos, the better...

Tilly & Iain, Elopement, Nov 2019, Isle of Skye, Scotland UK

An epic representation of the dangers of this amazing dress. LOL...

The next events scarred us all for life.

Now that I have your attention, I'll tell you the story of the angry Scot. This man is an anomaly in the beautiful country of Scotland. A piece of coal amongst all the Scottish crown jewels.

When we were on our way downwards toward the lighthouse & alongside the stairway, was a very unfortunate and sad deceased sheep. We all averted our eyes and exchanged heartbreak for the fluffy animal that must have taken a tumble off the cliff. Cause of death unknown. Anyway -- while we were photographing our beautiful couple, we heard angry exclamations coming from above and we stop to watch 'said angry Scot', drag 'said dead sheep' by one leg to the water side of the cliff and throw it into the waves.

So, that happened...

With attentions then turned to us, he commenced with more yelling about what we were doing there & that it definitely wasn't allowed. Iain, our Scottish knight in shining armour, or tweed suit I guess, gave his two cents to this angry auld lad about Scotland's 'Right to Wander' laws. It wasn't the easiest conversation to follow, but there we were - on the edge of the world, 13 or so female photographers all geared up and wondering what in Mary Queen of Scots name we did wrong.

Thankfully the angry sheep herder left and although we could feel his eyes on us, we continued to shoot a little here and there while heading back up the steep cliff stairway. I should add here, that we were not being loud & we were being very respectful of the landscape and not leaving anything anywhere.

But, don't you love a good story....?!

That's A LOT of sheep poop.

Dreams do come true. These could be your photos as well & I plan on visiting the UK as often as possible, taking as many jobs there as I possibly can. In fact I should have been there in a weeks time for a shoot in Glencoe & in the city of Edinburgh on the Royal Mile. Edinburgh is basically the most magical city I've ever been to & if you haven't been there, you just wouldn't understand the magnetism.

I'm hoping my trip will be rescheduled for September or October, depending upon when things go back to the new normal. I've got airline and hotel vouchers... so it needs to happen sometime!

Reach out if you'd like to join me there for your own elopement, anniversary or 'just because' it's damn beautiful there - shoot. I'm game.

Until next time, Scotland.

- amy xo

Workshop: RAW and REAL Workshop

Rings: RAW by Olivia Mar

Dress: Daci Gowns

Florals: FFS Inverness

Tilly's Makeup: Jordan Dean Makeup Artistry

Models: Tilly Wester & Iain Brydon

Location: Neist Point, Isle of Skye, Scotland UK

Angry Scot: Unknown

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