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Jennie & Tyler

I was going to hold off on blogging this session till the summer, in order to promote Couples Sessions on this beautiful block in downtown Kingston -- but I feel compelled to share all my favourites now, as these two have been on my mind lately.

I've photographed the Carr family many times & in different circumstances. Maternity, Weddings, Family Sessions & recently a beautiful Styled Shoot. My first meeting with Jennie was when she was pregnant with baby girl no.2 & she had won a Maternity shoot with me. It almost didn't happen, as a couple months earlier she had endured brain surgery and wasn't sure if she would be comfortable in front of the camera and taking direction. You read that right - I said, 'brain surgery'. She struck me as one of the strongest people I'd ever met & although she wasn't feeling that way about herself at the time, she has overcome every situation thrown at her since then. I'm happy to call her my friend.

Now, 3 years later & almost to the day, Jennie is back at the hospital - this time at Tyler's side. Ty experienced a fall where he fractured his spine, broke ribs & has undergone surgeries to repair all the damages. He's currently in ICU & is in need of all the positive energy and prayers possible during the healing process.

Needless to say, these two beautiful people have been through more than one lifetime of tragedy and could use the support during this time. There is a GoFundMe set up to help with daily costs of living etc & you can visit their page here:

So, I share these images today to remind one & all to celebrate every day.

Jennie & Ty, Anniversary Session, Sept 2018, Kingston ON

Jennie, Anniversary Session, Sept 2018, Kingston ON

We wandered the prettiest block in downtown Kingston, surrounded by patios filled with flower boxes & verandas of the historical buildings lining the waterfront. Total perfection in my book. At this point, we stopped for a moment while Jennie had a quick wardrobe change. The tulle skirt she wore for the second half of the shoot was actually the bottom of my own wedding dress that was made into a skirt by the talented Lisa Van Hattem. It was so much fun to photograph & I couldn't have chosen a better person to loan it to for the hour.

I'm a true believer in using pretty things over & over again.

Tyler, Anniversary Session, Sept 2018, Kingston ON

Jennie & Ty, Anniversary Session, Sept 2018, Market Square - Kingston ON

I can't wait to get these two back in front of my lens, so please join me in wishing Ty a quick recovery and Jennie the strength she needs to support him & their two beautiful little girls.

Lots of Love,

- amy xo

Assisted by Nicole. Tulle skirt - Lisa Van Hattem.

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