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Katie in the Apple Blossoms

So. I guess it's Thursday?! I don't really know anymore, but hey - that's okay.

I'm really feeling like I need to keep sharing all the pretty sessions I've shot over the past year or so, now more so than ever. Firstly to add a little bit of beauty to your daily lives of isolation, but also to take advantage of this unusual extra time I have. Things are weird, but I'm trying desperately to find some sort of positive spin on it. Sooooo, hope you don't mind & I hope you're enjoying what I'm throwing out to the universe.

It's funny to me that this gorgeous Pre-Bridal Session with Katie was photographed in May of last year, but that my editing has already changed a little bit. As an artist, I always strive to improve on my work and I'm never quite satisfied. Really though, this is just my passion coming through in always wanting to be the best ME for my clients. Saying this, I still absolutely LOVE these images and I think they'll bring a bit o' sunshine to all of you today!

Katie, Pre-Bridal Session, May 2019, Hamilton ON

Originally this was supposed to be a shoot with both Katie & her fiancé Justin, but when Justin wasn't feeling great, I convinced Katie to still meet me for what I call a 'Pre-Bridal Session' -- Katie being one of my current 2020 brides. I'm so happy she did, as we spent the most beautiful couple hours surrounded by apple & pear blossoms in peak bloom AND the most amazing light to boot.

'The Apple Orchard' in Hamilton is likely one of my new favourite locations for photos. Rolling hills of trees and awesome owners that are familiar with the photographic world & what makes for stellar images. I'm really hoping to be able to use the property again this spring, if and when I'm allowed to get back out there and shoot. Again... staying positive!

Bouquet by Floral & Brick, Pre-Bridal Session, May 2019, Hamilton ON

I get so many questions about this dress. Can you believe it was $40 from Forever21?!

I've used it a couple times, because I'm obsessed with it & it's so fun to photograph. Alongside the gorgeous bouquet provided by 'Floral & Brick', Katie was picture perfect between the rows of blossomed trees. She's obviously stunning anyway & I'm super excited to capture her as an actual bride when her and Justin say 'I Do'.

The sun was then low enough to venture onto the pear hill, where we were greeted with the best views of the orchard. Completely jaw-dropping...

Hoping you love these images as much as I do & everyone is doing their part by staying at home, so that nurses like Katie are in a safer situation AND that the weddings that are supposed to happen this summer, actually do. <3

- amy xo

Venue: The Apple Orchard

Dress: Forever21

Bouquet: Floral & Brick

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