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Kellie & Brooke at Mint Room

Welp -- I feel like today is the day for blogging. I'm gonna blog and then I'm gonna run off some stress before calling the airline that isn't returning my messages. Things are out of control ppl, so I'm doing what I can here to control my insanity. I'm actually a pro at social isolation considering I'm an introvert who really doesn't seek gatherings, but dealing with cancelled travel and the mass negativity online, is a tad much for me. I know yesterday was St.Patrick's Day, but how early is too early to start drinking 'today'?

These beautiful images however, make me feel better. I'm so glad we got these in before the fear set in. I've been dying to shoot in The Lounge at Mint Room since it was switched over & it didn't disappoint. Kellie & little Brooke were the perfect models for a little Mother/Daughter shoot in this pretty space & I'm basically in love with the sweet little moments I captured, as a precursor to the family/maternity shoot we have at the end of April. (fingers crossed, anyway)

Kellie & Brooke, Mother & Daughter Session, March 2020, Toronto ON

Kellie's dress from Pink Blush Maternity & Brooke's from Zara KIDS were perfection in this muted space.

Sometimes the big black camera is a bit scary, but even with the shocked look on her face in these frames, Brooke is literally the cutest ever and I adore realism like this. She LOVED me prior to the camera coming out. LOL...

Kellie, Maternity Session, March 2020, Toronto ON

When Brooke was distracted, we took the opportunity to get some classic and beautiful shots of Kellie, expecting baby girl no.2! Kellie has the BEST eyes to photograph & alongside this perfect dress, the images of her alone are some of my favourites & almost have a painterly quality to them, which I adore.

This is about the time when the Cheerios came into play. When a toddler walks into a new room full of cool things, it's pretty safe to say they're gonna be distracted. Life lesson - Cheerios are always a good idea & pretty much the only way we got some of these frames. LOL... I'm not ashamed to say that I will employ anything and everything.

Seriously. Cheerios to the rescue. This frame above is EVERYTHING.

Exit Brooke, more shots of Kellie. LOL...

Maternity is definitely a favourite of mine to shoot. I literally don't think there's anything more beautiful with joy and anticipation.

Enter Brooke. More Cheerios. <shrug> Om nom nom...

Brooke, Mother & Daughter Session, March 2020, Toronto ON

Kellie, Maternity Session, March 2020, Toronto ON


Venue: Mint Room Studios

Kellie's Dress: Pink Blush Maternity

Brooke's Dress: Zara Kids

Hair Bow: Unknown

Book your Mom & Me Session now. Studio fees apply.

- amy xo

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