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Lil' Dylan

I'm going to go about this a little backwards & share this newborn session of Dylan BEFORE the Maternity Session that happened when he was still in utero. Although I absolutely love the ridiculously freezing cold session I had with Stacey & Brian in December at the tree farm, I think I'll wait to share it when we're nearing that snowy season again! My purpose for doing this, will be to promote those wintery sessions that some shy away from, but that can be so stunningly pretty.

So. I got to meet the adorable Dylan Michael George on Valentine's Day for his first photoshoot of life. I arrived in Orangeville in the afternoon after a huge snowfall & as I walked up the driveway, the plowed powder was up to my waist. I'm not a fan of winter but when doing indoor sessions such as this, that huge white reflector outside really helps in the natural light department. Ideal for my photography style.

We spent a few hours in the master bedroom next to the best window, while I snapped shots of little Dylan snuggled amongst his parents and also curled up into a little basket o' blankets.

Behold, the adorable life.

Stacey, Brian & Dylan, Newborn Session, Feb 2019, Orangeville ON

Dylan, Newborn Session, Feb 2019, Orangeville ON

I love how everything coordinated, from the room colours to outfits. You really can't beat a good navy, grey & white combo! It really made my job easy, as I didn't have to walk in and style the room AT ALL. Also - the way this trio loves each other, makes it even easier to nab those special & priceless moments in time.

Dylan Michael George ~ 3 Weeks New.

- amy xo

Lamb Baby Bonnet - Made by Monica Fulford

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