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Little Ava Marie

This adorable sesh has been sitting on my desktop just waiting to be shared with the world. I'm absolutely loving cozy little shoots like this now - the soft light that used to stress me out as a photographer, I now love and appreciate.

This beautiful April day in Brampton was perfect. Soft window light, teensy baby toes, flower crown & the sweetest trio of Andria, Mike & little Ava Marie. Although this little cutie had no intentions of cooperating at first, mom worked her magic and she finally settled in to being in front of my lens for some seriously snuggly frames.

Andria & Ava, Newborn Session, April 2019, Brampton ON

Ava, unlike many little ones I've photographed, prefers to face outward instead of snuggled inward. At first it was difficult to do my usual favourite poses, but some of the images above are my absolute favourite from this session. Also -- that bow!

This is one of my favourite images from this session. It's a combination of Andria's hair flowing down, a small selective focus & the fact that you can't actually tell that Ava 'needed a break', right about now... lol. So, I ventured into the nursery for a few 'lil shots.

I brought along a bit of eucalyptus to dress up the basket shots & I'm ever so glad that I did. Besides the fact that I love texture and greenery, it smelled so lovely the whole time!

Ava Marie, Newborn Session, April 2019, Brampton ON

Mike & Ava, Newborn Session, April 2019, Brampton ON

The sweetest moments are always the ones caught 'in between' & this moment between father and daughter was one of them. #allthehearteyes

Always thankful for clients who invite me into their homes to document such precious memories. I love reliving all the oooooh's & awwwww's while blogging them as well!

- amy xo

Flower Crown: Me!

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