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Little Lorenzo & his Romeo...

This session makes me so happy to share. It's one of those shoots that puts just the biggest smile on my face & you're about to see why. I've definitely posted lots of the images on social media, but it would be a travesty to not share it in its entirety.

I arrived at the LoMonaco Orangeville home in late November & walking in I knew that it was the perfect conditions for a newborn/family session. We were blessed with a sunny winter's day & I was so thankful for the large windows and open spaces, which are perfect for indoor photography with natural light. Also -- big brother Romeo, the family puppers, was so excited for his time in the spotlight... so much so, that he wanted to be front & centre for everything.

I want it to be known -- we did NOT pose him for this images, except for perhaps one. Steph & Riccardo can back me up on this one, as we were killing ourselves laughing at Romeo's inherent modeling abilities. A natural. We had to keep him out of the room for a bit, just to be able to concentrate on little Lorenzo, for whom I was actually there to document. LOL...

If magical things happen during a shoot, you just roll with it ppl...

Steph & Lorenzo, Newborn Session, Nov 2019, Orangeville ON

Enter, Romeo.. & cue all the oooooh's & ahhhhh's.

Lorenzo & Romeo, Newborn Session, Nov 2019, Orangeville ON

Looking through my blogs, it probably seems as though I get a bit carried away with images of Mom & Baby.. and YES, that is true... lol, but besides the fact that I love taking photos of those sweet moments, it's also usually when we're trying to calm the baby down & I'm still clicking away. They always end up being my favourites... so #sorrynotsorry.

This was when Lorenzo decided he was tuckered out enough to snooze during some basket shots. I had been itching to use this adorable reindeer bonnet. (maker unknown) I'm so glad I had it in my baby repertoire, as it was perfect timing for the family Christmas cards.

Lorenzo, Newborn Session, Nov 2019, Orangeville ON

I want to reiterate the fact that Romeo did this all on his own! How perfect is this for a family portrait?!?

LoMonaco Fam, Newborn Session, Nov 2019, Orangeville ON

I'm so thankful for awesome new parents like Steph & Riccardo, who took the whole shoot in stride. The truth is a newborn shoot can sometimes be a bit stressful, but I try my best to just take my time and be conscious of everyone's mood & tolerance. Also, I completely understand that these moments are fleeting & I usually hang out for a few hours with my client families, making sure to capture all that I possibly can during this precious time as the babies are teensy tiny.

Hoping these images put smiles on everyone's faces during isolation.

"For never was there a story of more sweetness, than this of Lorenzo and his Romeo... " (see what I did there...?!?)

- amy xo

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