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Little Lucas John

I've been dying to share this beauty of a newborn session since the minute I finished editing it. It's everything I always wish for in a lifestyle shoot - an abundance of light, a sleepy baby & a family that rolls with it.

Katrina and I had been discussing this session for a little while in preparation & I loved her idea of sticking to simple & natural colours - allowing new little baby Lucas to shine. We had moved the date from a super snowy dark day and I'm over the moon with the weather we received on our new date. Gorgeous sunshine throughout the whole session coming in through the lovely large windows in the Reis family master bedroom.

I have a really hard time trusting the weather forecast & as a photographer, it basically runs my life & what I'll need for a shoot. Yes, the camera capabilities are pretty awesome these days, but it always hurts my heart a little bit when I need to crank up that ISO to get a good focus & shutter speed. Hurts - my - heart. I'm not a huge fan of grain, so when I saw the amount of light in the Reis' newly reno'd gorgeous home, my heart leapt at the perfect conditions. Being a February shoot, it really could go either way!

After a quick little tour of the home by big brother Liam, we set about trying to get in some basket shots of Lucas first. I adore them & hope you do too...

Lucas, Newborn & Family Session, Feb 2020, Mississauga ON

Katrina made this look easy.

I'm quite certain that being a mom of two young boys is (& will) be challenging at times. But I have a feeling she will tackle it all with grace.

Katrina & Lucas, Newborn & Family Session, Feb 2020, Mississauga ON

It's pretty obvious as I blog these images, that I'm easily distracted by shiny things. In this case, the amazing chandelier that is featured in many of the frames. I really love to find a couple things to tie a bunch of the photos together - & in this case the light fixture, perfect chair & similar blankets throughout do just that!

Reis Family, Newborn & Family Session, Feb 2020, Mississauga ON

Mike & Lucas, Newborn & Family Session, Feb 2020, Mississauga ON

Going into a session, I always have a million ideas. I don't know why I think they're all going to happen easily & effortlessly, but this is not often the case with children. That doesn't stop me from being a bit stubborn about it though & I'm always a bit sad when it doesn't happen, LOL.

Well, I had a bunch of plans for the images of Liam & Lucas together. In hindsight, I likely should have made these happen a bit earlier in the shoot, but I was on such a roll that it happened after I had already been there for a while. Anywho -- I totally love these frames that we were able to get, but pretty sure Liam wasn't into at this point.. .and hey, that's okay buddy. LOL... Photoshoots are hard.

Like almost always, the images at the end of the session end up being some of my favourites.

That's a wrap!

Now it's time for a social distancing run outside, cause this girl is going a bit crazy. These sweet memories made me feel a bit better though, so I'll continue to share all the precious life moments here for your solitary viewing pleasure.

- amy xo

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