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Love in Prince Edward County

I remember this all so clearly. I was doing laundry in the basement & I saw a random story about an upcoming workshop in one of my favourite locations, PEC, summer of 2020. It all happened so fast, but I messaged a couple photog friends AND ALL OF A SUDDEN, we were going & I was beyond excited. All of us needed it for various reasons... to learn, to be social, to get away from the mundane, and also to THRIVE in the photography community. I was unbelievably thankful it all came together. I also have this way of making things happen prettyyyyyy quickly. (IYKYK) Workshops in the wedding photography field are unbelievably useful for portfolio enhancement and making connections.

I'll spare you all the details of... the wine, the laughter, the beautiful lunch with a view, the freedom we felt in being out in the world during a pandemic, but let me tell you.. the smile on my face didn't leave. It was called 'The Untamed Workshop' & I met my new friends Ashley & Sara at the super adorable & retro 'June Motel' in Picton, before heading to our first location of the workshop... a random parking lot.

If you know any adventure elopement photographers, you may know that we thrive on the random and unusual. We showed up in an LCBO parking lot & we were all smiles, thinking... 'wtf'. Turns out if was just a meeting location, but the next spot - a picturesque road in the middle of nowheresville, was just as awesome.

Cue Amber & Alyssa on said cute random road. Recently married and the sweetest & cutest couple of life. I don't even know how I narrowed down the images I edited from this session, cause there were a millllllllion. Throw in a skateboard & things got even more interesting. Alyssa's new hair colour was also an added bonus in my book!

Amber & Alyssa, PEC Workshop Session, July 2020

If it's not already obvious, these two are not skateboarders... but they made it look pretty adorable & that's all that matters. lol. This is also just proof that sometimes the simplest of locations, is best.

I definitely see some 'random country roads' in my immediate future for shoots.

Since I grew up about 40 mins away from Prince Edward County & Picton, it was actually the go-to spot for beach trips in the summer as a teenager & I absolutely adore the quaint little Main St etc. Unfortunately due to Covid times, it was difficult to do a lot of exploring, but I know I'll be back in the coming years - hopefully to photograph more couples in these sweet spots!

When I saw that we had a same sex couple for the first part of the workshop, I was PUMPED. The only other gay couple I had ever had in front of my camera was my own brother & brother in law...and that's when I wasn't that great behind the camera (LOL - Sorry Guys)... so, hopefully by sharing the images of these two sweetie pies, more couples will reach out!

Love is love. Peace out.

- amy xo

All shot at the Untamed Workshop, PEC, July 2020

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