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Love in the Lavender

Lavender. Even the name is pretty. How perfect is it to be photographed in such beauty and also be engulfed by that heavenly scent at the same time?! Well - it's heaven. I was lucky enough to shoot in lavender rows four times last year - and I can't wait to do it again this year.

Let's be honest, we don't live in the south of France, so the lavender fields we encounter here in Southern Ontario don't continue for miles into the horizon, but are of the smaller but no less beautiful sort. This particular farm is one I've photographed at for 3 consecutive years & I'm upset to say that it's no longer available for photography and has been sold. Don't fret though - as there are others close by and I do have available time booked during the peak bloom in July.

Jess & Irt's Maternity Session was the first of the lavender sessions from 2018 & it's totally swoon worthy. Jess confided in me that she wasn't really one for nature, but the pretty lavender rows were literally the perfect backdrop to show off her beautiful baby bump! We met at the end of June during the golden hour, when the lavender was just starting to turn to purple & also directly after her baby shower, so makeup, hair & dress were totally on point.

It 'was' a cute little rustic lavender farm in Dundas called 'Weir's Lane' & I loved how it had a front field of rows on a hill & then also a backfield that was perfect during sunset. Writing this, I'm totally heartbroken at the idea that I won't be back there this summer. The April ice storm last year ruined a lot of the crop and so it wasn't as full as previous years & potentially was a reason for the sale of the property.

Jess & Irt, Maternity Session, June 2018, Dundas ON

Jess, Maternity Session, June 2018, Dundas ON

When the sun started getting lower & behind the trees, we ventured down into the back field to catch the last of that golden light of summer days and these first shots are some of my favourites from the day.

Thank goodness we did this shoot when we did, as shortly afterwards Jess had some pregnancy complications and baby girl Zara Olive was delivered early. Now, 9 months old, we're soon gearing up for a family session in time for her 1st birthday party & Zara is a happy and healthy little lady. Of course I'll have to share her adorable baby session photos before you see anything from this year...

If a lavender farm is on your list for perfect photoshoot locations, then send me a quick message to check my availability at the new farm & I'll see you in the rows!

- amy xo

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