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Love in the Lavender

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I was so excited to explore a new lavender farm this year to photograph in.... so much so, that I booked time at the field in February!!! 'The Lavender Farm' in Ayr, is in the most picturesque countryside & the drive through the back roads to the farm was no different. I absolutely LOVE driving the scenic route to locations, blasting the music & admiring all the quaint little towns and farms along the way.

I had to planned to meet Laura & Zach on the farm at the beginning of the lavender bloom, early July. They are celebrating 5 years of marriage this year, so it seemed to work out perfectly that they were available that day. We arrived to the farm and rain was coming down in literal sheets. I sat in my truck and couldn't see a foot passed my windshield and I was crying at the fact that this beautiful session may not actually happen...

Then the skies cleared & we ran out to begin! It continued to look pretty ominous throughout the hour, but we were fairly lucky to stay dry until we were nearing the end... when things got DARK!!

Laura & Zach, Anniversary Session, July 2019, Ayr ON

Bouquet by moi, July 2019, Ayr ON

Zach, Anniversary Session, July 2019, Ayr ON

This is about the point when the sky started getting daaaaaaaark again. I felt like I was shooting on borrowed time, but the rain still stayed away.... for just a little while longer!

Laura, Anniversary Session, July 2019, Ayr ON

What's an Anniversary Session without a little bubbly?!? The rose coloured Henkell was the perfect addition alongside Laura's 'Needle & Thread London' gown...

Are you keeping track of how the sky is changing? I love dramatic skies in my photographs, but man, I was feeling the pressure knowing that we were likely to get rained on very soon....

Stay tuned...

I was walking around Homesense one day... as you do... and came across this perfect silver tray. I've turned into a gold lover, but this tray called out to me from across the aisle & ended up being the perfect little addition to this shoot. Add a sprig of dried lavender (no, I did not pick it from the field...), a pretty coup glass and you get the loveliest looking cocktail!

Well, then we got drenched. I'm happy to say that I have amazing clients & friends that will go with the flow with me and embrace these situations. Actually... some rain can make for some pretty romantic images, if it's not torrential. I absolutely love 'some' opportunities to pull out my adorable clear bubble umbrellas & was happy to do so at this point, since we had an hour of dry shooting weather beforehand.

All I can say, is that if you're in this situation.. just go with it. Don't worry about your hair, your dress, it will all be amazing if you let go of the preconceptions and work with what you have. A huge thank you to Laura & Zach for laughing through it with me, as I fumbled around holding an umbrella & my camera as I shot.

I've had many a shoot with these two & their family at this point & it's always a pleasure. I look forward to their beachy family session with their two cuties, coming up in August!

I'm also so excited to say that this shoot was featured on 'Glittery Bride' on Laura & Zach's actual wedding anniversary! Check out the publication here:

- amy xo

Venue: The Lavender Farm, Dress: Needle & Thread London, Bouquet: Amy Sue Brant

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