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Love, With a View

Trying to get in a little bit of blogging between editing & lockdown blues, especially since it's shoots like this that bring me such happiness! You may recognize these two beautiful people from previous posts & you'll definitely be seeing more of them in the coming months... as they are tying that forever knot in May of 2021! It may not be on a beach in Jamaica, but it's going to be just as fabulous.

Katie & Kory are that couple that just exude awesomeness... all.the.time. Each time I'm with them, I'm reminded that there are sweet & genuine people in the world. I'm super blessed to have them back in front of my camera this year for exciting things AND to call them my friends.

Rewind to September, atop my brother's Toronto condo rooftop, a serious view, some wine & pizza and two photographers (my gf Ashley Popek Photography) snapping their hearts out with BIG smiles on their faces, knowing it was something special.

Katie & Kory, Engagement Session, Toronto ON, Sept 2020

I love this area of Toronto on King East, where the buildings are just a bit shorter than the core & you can actually see some of the neighbourhood below, unblocked by skyscrapers... I definitely have some taller building rooftops on my list for upcoming shoots, but I think the view of the skyline is perfect from here! Only had to bribe the brother with pizza, LOL...

Each time I have K&K in front of my camera, I feel like the bar is raised just a little higher. We started a year ago with a snowy Niagara shoot, then moved on to a sweet bedroom session, a sweet castle family session, to a Toronto rooftop. The pressure is definitely on for our 'After Wedding' Session in May... but I know we'll dream up something ridiculously stunning. To say I'm pumped for it.. is a definite understatement. Also... I saw the dress & it's jaw dropping.

I will be VERY surprised if Kory is able to keep his hands off his bride till after the 'I DO'. lol..

These images are some of my absolute favourites from 2020. It was just such a carefree & fun loving shoot, that I also felt my best work oozing out. It was also actually one of the last sessions I photographed with my older DSLR camera, but thankfully it didn't disappoint. These two were on point, I was on point & it was a beautiful day in the city!

My fellow photog friend & bestie, (Ashley Popek Photography) & I, did a few creative shoots together last year & it was a great reminder that even though I'm an entrepreneur and have my own little biz, it's always a great idea to collab with other creatives that you work well with. We always seem to create magic together... and end the shoot laughing. (with wine)

Community over competition. The end. Thanks Ash. xo

Katie girl, throwing out smiles like glitter.

Then we had trashy pizza & wine. Literal rooftop heaven?!? You betcha.

Literally the funniest moment of the shoot. Me on a ladder hovering over these two, who are eating pizza in the most provocative way possible... & then I locked eyes with Katie & we both LOST IT. Luckily I didn't fall off said ladder & somehow got the shot --- and she managed not to spit out the pizza. (or choke, thank goodness!!!)

Just a reminder that ideas for couples sessions are pretty much limitless. Especially if you have 3 or 4 a year like these two... LOL.

After pizza, we took the short drive down to Cherry Beach, another favourite Toronto location of mine. Unfortunately the sun decided to head out a bit early, but I'll post this one just to remind Kory of how cold he was. (Sorry, not sorry...?)

I can't wait to create some serious magical moments this year with my couples. I have some things happening that I'm extremely excited for, weddings I'm dying to capture & all the life to witness through my lens. I'm your girl.

Take care friends,

- amy xo

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