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Lovebirds in the Attic

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Ok you guys - here I go.

I haven't blogged since August of last year & it's a little bit daunting to get back into it. Things in this profession tend to get a little bit out of control over summer & fall and therefore things like bloooooooogggggging go to the wayside. It's frustrating, because I actually love showing full sessions & weddings to my followers so they know 'what to expect' from me as a photographer.

Anyway. I had full intentions of blogging 'all the things' from 2019 over the winter, but here we are in March and I still am not current with my editing. I'm a total homebody when it's cold & was so burnt out come December, that I basically shut down and decided that fireside and wine was best for my soul. WELP - I plan on making amends and sharing all my favourites in the next while.

Just so happens - a new favourite has obsessed me. There's a new studio space in Dundas ON, called Millworks Creative. It's not your regular studio rental and it had me super intrigued. So much so, that I asked Katie & Kory if they would consider it as Part Deux to their Engagement Session. Part One to follow soon enough...

So anyway... we arrived. We were confused. I tried to act all professional. The usual, ya know.

Alas - we couldn't find the entrance to the studios! (F***)

Katie to the rescue though & with a quick call to Millworks, we discovered the hidden door - (thank goodness) & we then managed to find 'the bedroom' up some very precarious twisted stairs. To say I was a tad out of my comfort zone in this darker space, is an understatement. But -- it was also

super cool. Since K&K and I had already had one adventure together, I knew we'd pull out some serious gems no matter what.

I'm dying over these & so so proud of how I dealt with this sketchy light situation. Also, I'll just mention now, these two ppl are GORGEOUS.

Katie & Kory, Millworks Creative, Dundas ON

Did I mention I'm at my local pub?! Because wine & blogging go hand in hand, me thinks...

Making appearances in mirrors -- since 2005. <shrug>

Katie & Kory, Engagement Session, Dundas ON, Feb 2020

When the opportunity calls for it, especially with indoor sessions - my love for black & white photography emerges again. I think about those times in the darkroom and I just love the classic creaminess of a b&w frame.

Okay okay --- obsessed with these two. One more glass of wine please..... lol.

So. I think this photo (above) is literally on the list of my favourites of all time. You may wonder wtf to yourselves & that's cool (I hear you) -- but usually it's the simplistic, emotional & light filled images that grab at my heartstrings. I'm a total romantic sucker, so this frame actually brought some tears to my eyes and reminded me of why I love my job. #sucker

Bring on the tattoos. BRING - THEM - ON.

Katie, Engagement Session, Dundas ON, Feb 2020

If you've come to know me... you may know that I like to bring cute bottled alcoholic beverages to certain types of sessions AND you're definitely my type of people when you get excited about it. LOL...

This is when my obsessive nature kicks in & I will post BOTH the black & white and colour of the SAME image, as I'm super indecisive. Meh. I think they both belong in the spot light.

Kory, Engagement Session, Dundas ON, Feb 2020

In honour of this amazeballs session - I'm going to offer a LAST MINUTE March promotion.

Book your studio space - Millworks, Mint Room, Preto Loft, Oft Studio, LOVT etc & receive a 1 hour session with me for $100 off. ($400 reg)

While it's still a bit chilly outside, let's get cozy. This also includes 'at your home' Couples Sessions IF you have a space I deem okay for a session, light permitting.


- amy xo

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