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Peach Orchard Maternity Session

Happy Spring!

A beautiful sunny day like today has me all heart eyes, thinking about the buds that will soon blossom into the prettiest week of the year. LOL... I'm not even kidding - it lasts about a week. Different blooms pop up at different times, but we can all agree that spring in Ontario is fleeting. Those pink & white fluffy trees are so fragile, but so so pretty.

This particular session was a magical one, in a peach orchard in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The peach pits were still covering the ground under the rows of trees from the year before & the peachy flowers were such a unique colour at their peak bloom. Nicole and Chris met me just before golden hour in mid May, expecting baby no.3 & two beautiful little boys in tow.

Peach Blossom Season, NOTL ON

Nicole, Maternity Session, May 2018, NOTL ON

Nicole & Chris, Maternity Session, May 2018, Niagara-on-the-Lake ON

and baby makes 5!

The sun was getting lower & cresting the tall trees on the edge of the property. That's often my favourite time to grab those last frames in the golden light.

These two gorgeous people welcomed baby boy #3 in June of last year & I've had a few more sessions with them since this time. They're total naturals in front of the camera!

Due to the fact that blossoms aren't around for a long time, I'm only able to accept a few sessions per year -- so don't wait to book! They're always faves!

- amy xo

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