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Pre-Bridal Red Bud Blossom Session

I'm so happy to have this blog up & running in order to share all my previous session goodness. Things are about to get crazy around here, so I'm taking advantage of my last couple slow weeks to post as much as possible.

On that note - I think that 'Pre-Bridal' Sessions should be a thing. Check out these bright & airy images of Lesia from last May in the red bud blooms in Brampton. She was married this past October, but I convinced her to go out in the spring for some extra pretty images - because why not?! We also discovered that she's a total natural in front of the camera!

Lesia, Pre-Bridal Session, May 2018, Brampton ON

I bought this pretty dress from Forever 21 knowing that it would come in handy someday. It was literally so perfect on Lesia for these portraits & it was only $30!!!!

These unique blossoms usually show up mid to late May around the GTA & are the prettiest addition to any photo session.

Stay tuned for this year!

- amy xo

Dress - Forever 21

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