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Rock Dunder After Wedding Session

As an extension to my last blog posting regarding elopements, I thought I might as well just keep the party going on the subject of 'Alternative Weddings'.

Another option which is becoming more popular these days, is to legally tie the knot at your local City Hall & then jet off to a destination for an intimate vow exchange and celebratory day of photos! This is a brilliant idea if you ask me, but I could be slightly biased as I had also had two ceremonies within a 30 day period, lol. One legal & one symbolic. But that's a story for another day...

Similar to this idea, Nicole & Jay had a sweet & simple vow exchange and BBQ in their backyard in Kingston with their immediate families. Something that suited their personalities to a T. Afterwards though, they obviously wanted to have some awesome photos to document their marriage and that's where I came in. Nicole has been my best friend since highschool days and after meeting Jay, I knew this was 'the one'. Sweet country charm & super duper down to earth. Basically melded right into our group of friends like BUTTA. LOL... (This is funny to me cause Jay is also a chef at RMC)

Anywho - these two cuties can always be found on a trail, or in their boat... so Rock Dunder seemed like the perfect location for photos. A pretty little hike up, epic views & overlooking the Rideau. No brainer. Throw in the perfect dress, a stellar sunset & a few baby Henkell's and you have the makings of a winner.

A huge THANK YOU to the lovely Lindsay Higgs Photography, who also joined us at the apex!

Nicole & Jay, After Wedding Shoot, Oct 2019, Kingston ON

I may have pushed Nicole towards this dress for its wind catching abilities. I'm not sorry about it.

Nicole, After Wedding Shoot, Oct 2019, Kingston ON

Jay, After Wedding Shoot, Oct 2019, Kingston ON

The sun then came back out in all it's glory & this made me as a photographer a very happy camper. The following group of images are definitely my favourites as they're all bathed in that gorgeous magical golden light. Both Jay & Nicole had settled into a comfort level in front of the camera by this point as well, which resulted in lots more snuggles & smiles. Photo shoots can always be a little awkward, even if it's your friend on the other side of the camera.

The sun also made all those fall colours below POP. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention this shoot was in October? We lucked out big time with the temperature and sunshine, that's for sure!

Nicole & Jay, After Wedding Shoot, Oct 2019, Kingston ON

This frame above takes top spot in my heart for the absolute fave from this shoot. It makes me want to go back to Rock Dunder to photograph OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Just sayin'. I'm up for it.

We stayed at the peak of Dunder till the very last of the light, far after the last group of hikers graced us with their noisy presence. This meant a very dark walk back down the trail to the cars. Luckily these two had been up the trail multiple times and we have flashlights on our phones. Might have also listened to a bit of Ed Sheeran while trying not to lose our steps.

I envision this location to be the perfect spot for an intimate elopement or vow renewal. It's definitely a new favourite! So, message me if this is your idea of idyllic too!

Cheers to love.

- amy xo

Nicole's Dress: H&M

Nicole's Shoes: Bhldn

Jay's Shirt: Old Navy

Location: Rock Dunder, Kingston ON

Assisted by: Lindsay Higgs Photography

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