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Sarah & Brandon at studioten

Blog number 3 for today!! I'm on firrrrrrre. This session was only photographed less than 2 weeks ago and I will be sharing older sessions too, but since it's just burning a hole on my desktop with it's hotness, I figured there was no time like the present. Blogging takes a considerable amount of time and although I probably don't take it as seriously as I should with my wording <meh> and how professional I sound, I really just want to believe that the images speak for themselves. I'm pretty cool too though -- I think.

Anyway - I had the awesome opportunity to join in on a 'Content Day' at a new studio in Hamilton called studioten, run by the super sweet Ashley Popek Photography. It's such a pretty space with the style I would decorate my own bedroom with, if I didn't have a boy that lived with me that refused all forms of adorable. He won't read this, it's fine...

It was such a great couple hours! Getting to know a few fellow photogs that have become fast friends & then photographing the most photogenic couple of life in the cutest space of life... with some amazing natural light to boot. Utmost importance.

Let the overshare commence...

Sarah & Brandon, studioten, March 2020, Hamilton ON

The four of us photogs worked so well together, jumping in and out to give everyone their own opportunity to get all the angles of these two beauts. That's the way this community should be & the type of people I love to be around.

Cheers to us! Thank you to Sarah & Brandon for being so literally perfect.

Host/Lead: Ashley Popek Photography

Venue: studioten

Models: Sarah & Brandon Graham

- amy xo

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