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Scotdale Farm Engagement Shoot

After finishing the editing of this session, I decided to put everything else down and blog it right away! These images are pretty wintery & I know that season is behind us (right?!) but I can't help but gush over them and the beauty that winter 'can be'. Of course, pretty much anywhere would appear beautiful when you insert a gorgeous couple such as this!

I've had multiple shoots with Nicole & Chris over the course of last year & some of my favourite images to date feature these two lovebirds. They love photos as much as me & often can't say no to my promos. Thank goodness for that too, as they literally aren't able to take a bad photo. Makes a photographer like myself super giddy when I have them in front of my lens! Also, their love for each other shines through with every click of the shutter.

I'm so pumped that I'll be capturing part of their Wedding Day in 2020 at the beautiful 'Inn on the Twenty'! Yipppeeeeeee.... !

Nicole & Chris, Engagement Session, Feb 2019, Georgetown ON

Nicole & I put together her outfit the day of the shoot. I dropped off a bunch of tulle and pretty shirts at her door and she showed up looking like a winter bride. These two are always on point with their fashion choices though, so I knew Chris would also be completely picture perfect.

Nicole, Engagement Session, Feb 2019, Georgetown ON

What you can't see outside the frame, is that baby Lucien was also with us during this shoot. So, I had a lot of extra time with Nicole for single portraits while Chris was calming him and warming him up in the car. Did I mention it was FREEZING on this February day? It's actually the second session I've had with these two where they completely froze their buns - and they rocked them both!

Chris, Engagement Session, Feb 2019, Georgetown ON

By this time in the shoot, Nicole was shaking so badly that it was definitely time to stop and get warm. Nobody needs frostbite for the sake of pretty photos!

Until next time loves.

- amy xo

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