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Sweet Rainy Day Mini Session

Sometimes as a photographer, you wish people would book certain things & be a little bit more adventurous. Of course I realize that everyone wants the sunny day, pretty light images - but alas we live in a country of 4 seasons. As an artist, I don't really want to wait for someone to book everything I want to shoot. So, I don't.

Lately, we've had a ton of rain here. Yes yes, spring showers and all that. But with the actual warmth of spring taking it's sweet time getting here, you start wondering what you can do to get people outside with you. In every season, there is a reason to get out there & have fun in front of the camera.

Enter Nicole & Paul with a couple cute bubble umbrellas.

Nicole & Paul, Couples Session, April 2019, Milton ON

Nicole, Couples Session, April 2019, Milton ON

These two literally live up the hill from where we shot these. They likely thought I was crazy for asking them to meet me in the middle of road, but I'm so glad that they did. They were completely perfect for this quick little shoot & their outfits were spot on!

I post these images as a reminder to all, that overcast & rainy days can also be beautiful. We could even meet in the middle of the road somewhere & dodge cars together. As long as you take full advantage & have fun, there's no way it won't work out.

Get outside & play!

Thank you to Nicole & Paul for being available for these! I'm happy to offer rainy day Mini Sessions anytime. I may even do flash sales for them, so keep an eye out & PM me for details.

- amy xo

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