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The Fraser/Middlemiss Clan

I'm on a pretty good roll with my blogging, so I figured I would keep the party going with another share from last year! A few days ago I blogged a 50th Anniversary Family Session and it's because of that session, that this session happened! As a 'super small' business owner, it's word of mouth and social media sharing that gets me most of my work -- so when people refer me, saying I'm 'appreciative' is an understatement. It's literally my livelihood.

So, not one but TWO 50th Anniversary celebration shoots last year! This time, the Fraser/Middlemiss fam. We met at the end of September at Dundurn Castle. We thought for a minute we were going to get rained out, but I'm so glad we decided to give it a chance because the outcome was perfect. I know I've said it before, but the castle grounds and architecture are a photographers dream.

We had a great time grabbing all the variations of family images one does for an extended family session & even though it was a little cold for the end of September, the whole family was all smiles and made my job super easy - even Elliot who was only a few months old! They are such a warm family... we chatted the whole time, going from spot to spot & Terry and I discussed our mutual love for Scotland and my upcoming trip there.

Fraser/Middlemiss Family, Extended Family Session, Sept 2018, Hamilton ON

Victoria, Extended Family Session, Sept 2018, Hamilton ON

Kari Anne & Sharon, Extended Family Session, Sept 2018, Hamilton ON

The Grandkids, Extended Family Session, Sept 2018, Hamilton ON

Classic overshare on my part, lol. Loved meeting this family & hoping more extended family sessions like this happen in my near future.

Cheers to 50 years!

- amy xo

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