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Three Princesses

Well, since there is only a few more days to claim the lowest price on my early Mother's Day Promo, I thought I'd share another 'Mom & Me' session from 2019. Simpler times, I guess you could say.

I know people aren't really thinking about photo shoots right now, but I am betting that after this scariness passes, everyone will be counting their blessings and wanting to document all the memories with their loved ones STAT. The great thing about my Promo (& all regular sessions), is that a specific date isn't yet needed in order to claim the lower pricing. Let's all stay positive and think about the future while supporting the little guy, or girl - in my case. LOL... We're doing our part as non essential right now, but the essential for keepsakes will be ever more important afterwards.

This session at Dundurn with Aida & her little princesses definitely has my heart. I hope it steals yours too. xo

Aida & Girls, Mom & Me Session, Sept 2019, Hamilton ON

Aida, Mom & Me Session, Sept 2019, Hamilton ON

Claim a session like this one NOW! Till Sunday, it's $200 if Paid In Full, then goes up to $225 if a $50 deposit is put down before Mother's Day - May 10th. To be used at anytime, no date yet needed. Only open to mom's & their direct children -- this is NOT a family session.

Thanks for supporting your local small businesses.

- amy xo

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