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Needless to say, ELOPEMENTS are definitely becoming more mainstream than they used to be & I'm completely head over heels with more couples choosing this path as opposed to larger festivities! Less stress, less money, less waste for our environment. This isn't to say I don't love a more traditional wedding day, because I do -- BUT, the endless possibilities in creating an authentic, more carefree & smaller version, is more 'ME' as a person and a photographer. 

I may be slightly biased, as I myself eloped, but it's because the adventure stuck with me. Still to this day, I'm so happy we took off for those epic photoshoots, multiple vow exchanges (long story) AND did it exactly how we pictured it from the beginning. I didn't wear the bikini on the beach, like my husband would have preferred, (I wasn't giving up that dreamy dress) but I'm absolutely positive he would agree with me that it was the perfect decision.

There are multiple myths about Elopements. Things have changed over the years, including the fact that an elopement can be local, can have some family members present (or puppies!) & you can totally still have some decor etc. It literally just means that you're scaling down on the 'extras', the 'opulence' and it's based solely around you and your partner's promise to one another. Wow - yes you can make your special day JUST ABOUT YOU! I promise you, you're allowed. You shouldn't be fearing obligation, pressure or anxiety in making it about others. There's also nothing saying you can't have a party afterwards if you so choose OR perhaps you already got married and want to still take off for a more intimate celebration. I'm your girl, every time.

It could be in a vineyard, a mountaintop, a small backyard picnic OR in front of a fairytale castle. SWOON. Strip away everything you thought a wedding day had to look like, but isn't a priority for you -- and you have your answer.

Love, Amy xo

PS. If I'm already travelling somewhere & you want to meet me, you'll save THOUSANDS in travel fees! Email me @ to discuss your dreams!

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